06 October 2019

Driving Miz Candy...

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When Candy moved here in autumn of 2010 - she was a state certified driver's license instructor in New York.  I guess after over thirty years of teaching she was ready to retire.  She didn't have a car and my hubby and I took her wherever she needed to go.  With me now facing jaw surgery, there is a problem if I have to stay more than a night in the hospital.  Who would feed my kitties?  So we decided she would need her driver's license again.  It is simply too far from my house to hers to consider her not using the car.  Plus there would be the matter of dropping me off and picking me up for surgery.

So last Monday, after my biopsy, I took Candy to take her written test.  Of course she passed with 100%.  Everyone was having a giggle about Miz Candy, 72 year old, in the mix of teens getting their first permit.  It was all in good humor, and even one worked said the state police were hiring new driver inspectors, to test people coming in for the driving test.  She smiled and passed on that.

Today, I put short stuff in my Escalade and set her loose on the roads.  She did well -- like a bicycle you never forget.  She tooled around town, then we rode down to get a shaved ice.  She did very well.

So look out, the little old lady from Pasadena...hmmm...La Grange is on the roads.

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Candy Thompson said...

That was lots of fun!!! Never thought I'd be taking another road test at 72!!! I probably should have kept my license years ago, but I was retired and didn't think I'd be driving any longer. So much for that idea...hehehe :) :) :) I know it must be very difficult for you to not be behind the wheel while I'm getting ready for my road test!!! Thanks So Much for being so calm and trusting me to drive your car!!! After all...you've never seen me drive before! hehehe Glad I'll be able to be of more help to you with the license, when you need me!!! :) :) :)