18 July 2018

Expensive book offering update

The story by author David Streitfeld was on page B1 of the New York Times Monday.  It was a trending story on Yahoo news, and picked up on Publishers Marketplace daily newsletter.

He said he requested a response from Red Rhino -- the nickname of the Amazon Secondary seller, but received no response.  Well, there sort of was one -- This morning Red Rhino deleted the $2850+ offering, thought the $1558 from another dealer is list there.

I have to admit it was total shock to open my browser, going to check my email, and see my book there as trending.  Very bizarre sensation!  lol 

1 comment:

Candy Thompson said...

How fantastic!!! New York Times, Publisher's Marketplace and trending on Yahoo News!!! Great article! Very interesting! Congratulations!!! :) :) :)