20 July 2018

A happy birthday to my mum

After the fire, I was faced with devastation of losing many things -- my laptop which had my books and WIPs on it, all my clothes, my jewellery -- my cats.  One of the most haunting was I lost every photo I had.  I was left no image of my mother.  Recently, I found a cousin has posted on, and suddenly, I had an image of mum.

She was born on July 19th, suffered crippling manic-depression, which went untreated most of her life.  She died when she was 52, after a long battle with cancer--way too young, so much of life still to live.

So for the first time in years, I am able to post a picture of her.

Happy Birthday, Mama 

She was fifteen, and the photo was for the high school yearbook

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