01 July 2018

A Gathering of the Cousins...lol

I dragged Candy to General Butler State Park Lodge for a gathering of some cousins

Candy was looking smashing

Mezzanine  of the lodge

View of the entry from the Mezzanine

The dining room

A showcase of vintage postcards in the dining room

Smart people who enjoying the pools -- it was 96 and feel like 106-- but it was cool inside!

My cousins Velma and Cathy with me.

Sadly so many have been lost over the year. 

Rusty, Aunt Georgetta, then Nancy surrounded by her two grandkids, Candy.
Dave, Cathy Velma and me
Brenda, Cathy's husband, two cousin-in-laws and Janie(Velma's daughter)

Cousins Kenny and Michael were not able to attend.  So few left of this branch of the famil.

Velma with me (the groan face is from my knee killing!

Everyone sitting around after a wonderful lunch, talking about memories

Janie and Velma

 Velma, Cathy and Janie

Velma and Georgetta.  Velma just celebrated her 50th anniversary.  Wow where has time gone?

Janie and Velma

What a view from the Lodge!!

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