06 November 2015

The Selkie's Daughter - A Dragon of Challon™ novella

The Selkie's Daughter

A Dragon of Challon
novella from One Christmas Knight

A lost knight and a Scottish witch discover Yuletide wishes can come true….if you only believe….

On his way to join his liege, Julian Challon, in Scotland – Sir Rhys de Valyer became lost in a blinding snowstorm.  But that was only the start of his troubles.  His men and he were attacked and left for dead.  Rhys only escape the horrible fate due to his trusted steed dragging him away from the battle.  Fearing death’s approach, he never expected the beautiful snow angel to come to his rescue.

After being cast out by her family for being the bastard child of a Selkie, Annys Bràigheach has made her life in the sanctuary of Rowenwood Forest, far away from the world.  In spite of her acceptance of the solitary life, her heart still yearns for more.  To her surprised, after making a Yuletide wish, she discovers a handsome knight, clinging desperately to his horse, half-frozen and two arrows piercing his body.  Her healing skills may save him, but can she reach his heart? 

Magic can happen at Yuletide….

Coming Soon from Prairie Rose Publications

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