29 August 2015

The wheel goes around -- Happy 10th Anniversary of the sale of my first book

10 years ago to the day, I made the acquaintance a very wonderful lady, Hilary Sares. She was editor at Kensington books. I simply adored her!
I had gone for the day, a day where everyone was watching the weather because Katrina was coming close to land, and here ten years later we are again watching the weather because another hurricane moves near shore. I was finishing up my book and decided to took a break, and wen to the store. It had started raining, and when I came in side, and took off my rain coat, I noticed the light on the answer machine blinking. 
It was a message left by Hilary Sares saying she wanted to buy my book. THE CALL. Of course, you mind goes through a wild swing of emotions, from wanting to scream and jump for joy, to who is the a-hole so cruel to pay such a trick. Shaking, I wrote down the number and called it. Yes, it was Hilary Sares, and yes she wanted to buy my book. 

It came out in August of 2006, and I was lucky to work on two more books with her on two more books before she left Kensington. She once said, "Remember when you go big, I was the one who found you."

Thing comes around. My contract on that book was up and I requested rights reversion. I am now once more editing that same book. I have to redo it to put it out, because although the rights reverted, I cannot use edits Hilary did because that was considered property of Kensignton books. I can live with that. There were things cut, I wanted to add back. Tweaks I can make to tighten the series as a whole as more Dragons of Challon come out in the future.

Still, it seems odd, ten years later and I am once more watching a hurricane near US shores and working on the same book.

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