11 August 2015

Ah, a two-timing man can break your heart!!

I have a tender heart when it comes to cats.  This handsome lad came to me 3 1/2 months ago. He became a part of our family.  All the other cats loved him.  He had a pallet in our home. I always wanted a black kitty, and this one was so beautiful.  He had such a great personality and I came to love him very deeply.  I named him Mr. Pye Wackett.

Then he went missing last week.  I cried.  We called the animal shelter to see is someone had turned him in.  I posted all over Facebook pages that were local.  And I posted on the Humane Society page.  Sigh.   Finally, on their page I got a response.  "Can I have your phone number.  I know the cat you are talking about."

Well, she DID know him.  She tells me his name is Max.  He was two years old (what I guessed his age as).  And she had raised him from a kitten.  His mother gave birth to him on the night her husband had surgery, so she knew to the day how old he was.  He lives  two streets over.   He went missing from their household 3 1/2 months ago, and suddenly he came back home last week -- the day he went missing from my home.

She is lovely lady.  She said I could come visit him, but that he will likely come back to see me now and again.  I wanted to rush over and hug him, to know he was safe, but I held back.  I love the little two-timing squirt, didn't sleep for the week he was gone, worried something had happened to him.  I really don't want to be crying over him in front of his real owner.

He is welcome to come visit anytime, but he's no longer "mine".  At least he is safe.

Pye covered in catnip

Pye relaxing on the front porch with Munchkin

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