24 August 2015

Birthday - Part 2

We set out to have lunch at Keepers seafood restaurant.  But as we got there, we learned they were having trouble getting their deep fryers working.  So since we were already halfway there, we decided to go on to Our Best.  It in Smithfield, KY - and is the original site of Our Best Flour -- an old mill that was considered one of the best during its period.  It's a lovely spot, oozing history.

they make the best onion rings -- you ever stop by, order one for your party.  This is with two already gone..lol

A couple pictures of Miss Candy -- always the picture of grace and beauty.

I was rather exhausted.  I just finished writing a novella, editing a short story, and selling both this week, and then began doing the revamp of my A Restless Knight to get it ready for fall release.  I wasn't sure how they would come out since I didn't have any makeup on outside of lip gloss  Not too bad.

Afterward we came back and sat in the Gazebo on Main Street, and just enjoyed the sounds and rhythm of out lovely town.

My keylime cake with cream cheese icing Candy made for me.

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