15 October 2013

Nice, Nice, Baby

I have been watching the Vanilla Ice Project on DIY for over a year. Vanilla Ice was a big one hit wonder – a white rapper with Ice, Ice, Baby . . .long time ago. When I first saw the show I thought. . .WTF? But I quickly learned Rob (Vanilla. . .lol) has excellent taste in renovation/flipping. He generally doesn't go in for middle class houses, but takes on Mansions of Palm Beach that have seen their better days long before Ice, Ice, Baby was a hit. He blings them out in high ticket taste and really knows what he is doing. He especially does gorgeous kitchens.

So when the second season came along – Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, I went WTF?????. The Amish are known for shunning many of the ways of the world. What was Mr. Tattooed Rob going to do dropped in the middle of people that likely have barely heard of him? Despite his rapper persona he wins them over, finds gentle humor in the culture clash and comes across with a wonderfully genuine show that points out two extremes the world can find a middle ground and work small miracles.

Doesn't get more perfect than this!


Marce said...

Interesting, I also said WTF but I guess I should at least give it a try because I agree his work was great.

Deborah Macgillivray said...

I am hooked. It's amazing to see how he wins over the Amish, wins their friendship and respect. When he runs into resistance to him, he just lets these tease him until they come around. They end up loving him. it says a lot about not judging a book by it's cover (or tattoos). I remain very impressed by the whole series. Utterly brilliant.