13 October 2013

La Grange's Railroad Festival

The beautiful day started off at The Copper Awning where we shopped for neat stuff and sampled the Chili Cookoff.  There were nine different Chili pots.  Candy and I both thought #1 was the best.  I came home with a statue of Neptune for my garden.

The back to the village for the Railroad Festival

Utopia Galley has one of the most imposing scarecrows


Dizzy Dave's East paid homage to both big universities in the area - U of L and U of K
with their scarecrows.

Jennifer at The Art Galley on Main Street added this adorable scarecrow

La Grange Arts & Crafts added a Spongebob Scarecrow

We paused by the kiddies train ride

We watched the train robbery reenactment at the Railroad Museum, done by
Christian County Cowboy Church



Yeah, that is a life-size "dog" walking through the crowd!  lol

There was bluegrass bands all through the days.

You never know what you will see in La Grange. One of the surprise highlights was Mario. A couple brought their parrot down to enjoy the music. He was happy to pose for me. Accepted by compliment "You're a pretty bird" with the reply "Yeah" LOL. His favourite song of the day was "Summertime" and he seems to love small girls.

Even the horses passing by took an interest in the music and the crowds.

Candy and I even managed to get 4 mile walk in, so the day was great fun all around.

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Candy Thompson said...

This was such a fun day!!! So much to see and do and the weather was fantastic for it all. Such a wonderful town with so many great things and activities! I'm already looking forward to the Railroad Festival again next year! :)