21 August 2012

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JM Powers
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Ramstone, Book 1

Jewel of Ramstone
By J.M. Powers

Newer authors fascinate me.  They are still developing their wordsmithing craft, but the love they feel for their stories is so alive, so vital.  This is the first time I have read J.M. Power, but it won’t be the last.  Some writers understand "voice" instinctively; some must struggle to find that means of fashioning a story.  A delightful surprise, J.M. Power is blessed with that bard's gift of world building, of being able to pull the reader to step into their saga, and “see” what she “sees” in her mind.  From page one, I wasn’t reading words, but moving into a dark Medieval forest.  I heard what the characters heard, smelled the primeval woodland, and most importantly, experienced the emotions of her two characters, Galeron and Ruby.  Galeron is one of those Alpha Males you cannot resist loving, and Ruby is a complex mix of tomboy, street fighter, and scared, vulnerable woman.  She knows how to create a solid romance that moves into the reader's heart and remains there, keeping their growing love at the core of the story.  However, she gives you strong adventure, rich in Medieval textures. One of her special skills is the ability to bring humor into the story.  Many authors writing dark Medieval tales often forget it’s human nature to laugh at the oddest moments at something that happens to you, or even to laugh at yourself.  Humor gives you the spark to play off against the deeper emotions like that sprinkle of salt on watermelon, making it taste all the sweeter for the contrast.  With these skills working for her writing, I will be eagerly watching how J.M Powers ability grows.  I highly recommend Jewel of Rampstone.  (First book in a series)

―――Deborah Macgillivray


Jeannie said...

Deborah Macgillivray, I am thrilled with this review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with potential readers. I am absolutely speechless... and those who know me know that's a rarity. :)

Cheryl Hart said...

Jewel of Ramstone is an incredible book. I enjoyed every second of the story and fell in love with the characters--especially Jac. ;) I can't wait for the sequel. :)

Unknown said...

I completely agree with everything above. The first time I read J.M.'s work, I was blown away by her descriptions, imagery, and like-ability of her characters. And not only are the characters like-able, but it's also easy to really relate to them and their feelings, problems, issues, etc. Considering Jewel of Ramstone takes place in medieval times, that's quite a feat! I can't wait for the next installment in this series.

Gynger Fyer said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Keep up the good work J.M.

-Gynger Fyer

Beautiful Trouble Publishing said...

Excellent words about an excellent book. JM is indeed a fantastic storyteller.