10 August 2012

Urgent: Dorchester authors contact me immediately!!!

Do you have any titles with Dorchester still? If so you need to contact Montlake/Amazon. There is offer in place to pay back royalties and put the books into Montlake Publishing (Romance division of Amazon's new publishing firm). But the offer is only good until August 15th. After that date the offer is being withdrawn.

Please note Amazon/Montlake is contacting authors. However, they are lacking information or often have incomplete information. So many authors do not know about this being on the table. The offer that is on the table to pay the back royalties owe is TICKING.

It expires on August 15th. If you haven’t accepted their offer on or before that date, the offer is void. And no idea what is going to be put in place after that date.

Montlake has incorrect information, incorrect addresses, emails, phones, and screwed up listings of what books you have, especially if you wrote under more than one name.

I am not telling anyone to accept this offer. That is your choice. I am saying DO NOT wait or the offer won’t be there to accept. The pumpkin could go poof.

There is option to ask for rights back – HOWEVER, the wording on the phone to me was “We want our author to be happy. If they don’t want to accept the offer we will turn them back to Dorchester and Dorchester has promised to give the rights back.” Sounds nice, but WHO will be Dorchester? Who will have that power to revert rights? Sam Hazell is still hanging on trying to help out, but they could pull her plug any day. Lazarus is involved in the sale ONLY. Once the stalking horse bid goes into place on the 15th, he’s out of it. You could conceivably be left with NO ONE to return your rights to you. So think on that. I mean when did we suddenly decide to trust Dorchester promises???


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