05 December 2009

To Touch the Knight......the next Dragon

My editor at Kensington informed me the fourth book in the Dragons of Challon™ series will be To Touch The Knight. (And you thought we got to name our own books!!) Well, we do sometimes. One Snowy Knight was my choice, and all my quirky Dorchester titles are my selections.

So Redam Maignart's story now has official title. Since my other two Knight tiles have done exceptionally well, I hope this Knight does the same.

To Touch The Knight, Kensington Zebra Historical, October 2010; ISBN: 1-4201-0450-0, 4th book in the Dragons of Challon™ series


Highland Hussy said...

I like the title it's very intriguing. what would you have titled it? oh, when does D.C. come out?

Deborah Macgillivray said...

that IS D.C. It will be out September 21, 2010


Highland Hussy said...

yeah, oops, I guess I misunderstood. thanks