05 December 2009

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One Snowy Knight by Deborah MacGillivray

One Snowy Knight by Deborah MacGillivray
Publisher: Kensington
Genre: Historical, Holiday
Length: Full (378 pages)
Heat: Spicy
Rating: 5 Books
Reviewed by Honeysuckle
One Last Hope…Lady Skena MacIain has seen much hardship this year, and she fears worse is to come. For a bloody battle in Dunbar has left her a young widow, and her Scottish fortress without protectors. She wishes she could be as hopeful as her babes, who believe the Cailleach, the Lady of Winter, will send them a miracle in time for Christmas. But life has taught her that things can never be so easy…

One True Love?
Until a mysterious warrior is found amid a blinding snowstorm, sick with fever. As Skena nurses the handsome knight back to health, even she begins to believe he might bring salvation to her little keep—and passion to her life, as his body awakens a long sleeping desire within her…a desire her touch stirs in him as well. But his wounds speak of danger, and Skena will soon learn, his past carries a
secret that could shake her home—and her heart—to their very core…
Deborah MacGillivray has delivered a lovely Christmas story.

Noel de Servian is a man who wants a family, a place to be, peace in his life. He is generous and gentle, as well as a fierce and capable fighter, who does not hesitate to protect those he cares about. While he is searching for one glen, he stumbles onto another during a fierce snowstorm. In doing so he finds all that his heart desires and goes from being lost to being found.

Lady Skena MacIain is a widow whose main goal is holding onto the keep, Craigendan, for her children. She fears the Campbell menace as well as Edward I, who may take away her powers and leave her son without an inheritance. Skena is a smart and beautiful—but not in a conventional way. Skena has an inner beauty and self-assurance as well as valor. She braves the elements and finds a knight in the snow and manages to bring him home and keeps him alive despite the odds.
When it appears that Skena’s husband is not dead, mysterious things begin to happen. Intrigue follows quickly as it becomes apparent that something—or someone is plotting Skena's downfall. With her life in danger, she turns to the one man who can help her. Noel, the stranger whose life she saved.

This story has something for everyone and offers mystery, romance, intrigue and excitement.

The 3rd book in the Dragons of Challon series, this is absolutely a book you will want on your keeper shelf. I've read it twice and will likely read it again soon. One of those 'can't-put-it-down kind of books! Honeysuckle highly recommends this wonderful book.


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