09 December 2009

NOR Reviewer's Top Pick for One Swowy Knight

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Score: 4.50 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick

During a time of great hardships and bloody battles between the Scots and English, a miracle is what it will take Lady Skena to keep her Scottish fortress. When her children find a wounded knight out in the snow, she realizes it will take all of her legendary Pictish knowledge to keep this man alive. Unknown to her, her knight is the very one sent by King Edward to lay claim to her keep and while there he also lays claim to her heart. Noel de Servian wishes for a home and family to fill the emptiness in his heart and once his eyes behold Lady Skena he knows that all his wishes are within reach. He owns her home but must earn her love before the secrets he holds takes her from him. During the most magical time of the year, can all of their Christmas wishes come true?

In the time of William Wallace and King Edward Longshanks, Deborah MacGillivray creates a captivating romance between the most unlikely--an Englishman and a Scottish Lady. Where there should be feuding, there is a magical romance that links the hearts of Sir Noel and Lady Skena. One Snowy Knight unfolds into a dark point of Scottish and English history, in which you will find yourself drawn into the battle of will, the battle over land, and the inescapable power of the heart. History will show that some will win and some will suffer, but these extraordinary characters pull you into a heart-warming historical time that you will want to revisit again. Enjoy!

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