11 July 2009

Coffeetime Romance Review - One Snowy Knight

ISBN# 978-1420104509
September 2009
Kensington Books
www.kensingtonbooks .com
Paperback $5.99
345 pages
Scottish Medieval Historical
Rating: 4 Cups
Lady Skena MacIain could not believe the foolishness of her twins wandering out into the night during a snow storm. But when she finally comes across her children, she finds more than just them on this snowy night.
Noel de Servian in his foolishness to be at his new home travels far ahead of his companions in hopes of reaching Craigendan. Awarded to him by the king as a punishment, but to Noel it is the sweetest gift he has ever been given.
Even upon their first meeting, passion flares to life between Noel and Skena. But there are secrets between these two that could pull them apart. To add to this, there are forces wishing to see Skena and Noel dead, so that Craigendan falls to another. Can these two overcome all and find a peace to last them a life time, or will everything they both dream about come tumbling down around them?
A wonderfully magical tale about love, forgiveness and triumph. With well-written characters that pull you right into their story, One Snowy Knight is sure to please all of us dreaming for that knight in shining armor to come rescue us. This story really lets you believe again in magic, wishes, and dreams coming true.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance 


Highland Hussy said...

what a wonderful review! I esp. love the comment: A wonderfully magical tale about love, forgiveness and triumph.
Way to go! :)

Deborah Macgillivray said...

It's always so good when a reader or a reviewer "gets" what you were trying to say.

Each of the historicals have their own tone. When Kensington asked me to do a Christmas tale, I wanted those emotion to be the heart of the story. So I am pleased the reviewer truly caught that.