20 July 2009

5 star review for A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

An Extraordinary Read! *****

Trevelyan (Sinclair) Mershan is a man on a mission. His mission…revenge. Along with his brothers, Trevelyan is dead set on bringing down the Montgomerie family by seducing then destroying the “meddling Montgomerie” sisters. He has his sights zeroed in on Raven Montgomerie, the beautiful, quiet, and most vulnerable of the sisters.

Raven Montgomerie prefers the quiet life of painting and socializing with gypsies in the English countryside. While she could live in luxury, she chose to live in the estate cottage rather than in the main house of Colford Hall. However she doesn’t live alone. She shares the beautiful country cottage with an odd menagerie of pets; two cats named Chester and Pyewacket, a one-legged seagull named Atticus, and a lively miniature pony named Marvin. (I love these names!)

What Raven needs is a knight in shining armor. Little does this timid woman know, her knight will be riding into her life in a shining Lamborghini Murciélago. Then when Raven and Trevelyan first meet, sparks ignite a fire and the instant he touches her, their fates are sealed.

In this third installment of the Sisters of Colford Hall series, I found myself completely absorbed in the story of Raven and Trevelyan! I have read the other two in the series and even though I completely enjoyed them, I have to say A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing is by far my favorite! A magical love story that even includes a ghost named Annie. (Great name!)

Ms. MacGillivray has a talent for creating stories that clutch the hearts of her readers and in A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing, you won’t be disappointed. She has woven a tale of passion, love, and desire that grips you from the first page to the very end.

- Annie Marshall, Author of Her Noble Destiny
Annie's Celtic Reviews

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