07 October 2008

Reasons your husband won't want you reading Riding the Thunder

Best Single Title Romance Beacon Award Winner 2008

Top 10 reasons your husband wouldn't want you to read

Riding the Thunder

10. He will catch you doing "The Monster Mash"

9. He will get ticked when you carp, "Jago doesn't have to suck in his tum."

8. You will have a craving to go to a Drive-in and make-out (do you know how few Drive-Ins are left?)

7. You scare the beejesus out of him playing "Fire!" by Crazy Would of Arthur Brown at full volume

6. He comes home to find you purchased a Wurlitzer and have stocked it with songs from 1960s

5. You will suddenly start sentences with "Y'all", or saying "Sure thing, Sugar."

4 You get ready to go out for a night on the town and he finds you dressed like Elvira

3. You stalled calling him "Ooo-it"

2. You will have this crying need to tell Laurie I love her!!!!!!

And the number one reason he won't want you to read Riding the Thunder??

1. You will wake him up in the middle of the night, demanding in a passion gasp that he teach you how to "Count" to fifteen!!!!!!!!

(again, thanks to author Rowena Cherry for the idea - you rock, Rowena!)

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