25 October 2008

5 star review for Love on a Harley

Love on a Harley:
A Romance Anthology

Deborah MacGillivray Rebecca Andrews, Debi Farr, Billie Warren Chai, Patricia Frank, Diane Davis White

Secrets and Lies by Rebecca Andrews

Ella Peterson’s brother is being blackmailed, so he calls in a favor to an old friend to protect his sister. When Wess McKade shows up on his Harley all the old memories she had long tucked away came flooding back. Wess thought Ella looked better than ever, but he needed to not mix business with pleasure; the moment she was seated behind him on his Harley, all that changed. A ten year secret is about to be revealed, and Wess must do everything in his power to keep this nerd to knockout, winner of his heart safe. He must also tell her the reason he left 10 years ago without so much as a goodbye.

Leader of the Pack by Debi Farr

Charlie Fox was all decked out in her hooker gear when she had a flat tire. Falling down in a ditch was mortifying enough, let alone having a sexy cop help her out and flirt with her the whole time. Charlie was on her way to a “Come-As-You-Aren’t” party, and she was definitely not the hooker type. Derek Eiken was dressed as a cop, on his way to the same party when he found Charlie in the ditch, trying to explain that he was really not a police officer, he figured he might as well let her figure things out the hard way. Charlie wasn’t a big fan of motorcycle riders after one killed her dog Max, hopefully her feelings would change once she climbed on the back of one with Derek.

Hitting Paydirt by Billie Warren Chai

MaryVictoria Abbot was a beauty, she was strong, dependable and an oil driller. Covered from head to toe with mud, she was late for her brothers wedding rehearsal and really had no plans of leaving the job site… that is until the Major showed up. Craig Ferguson had eyes for MaryVic for years but with an over protective brother, he never acted upon his feelings. The night she stepped out of her room in a micro mini and lace-up heels, he couldn’t hold back those feelings any longer. Craig would forever protect MaryVic, but when someone kidnaps her, he is out of his mind with anger and grief. a love that had never let itself be known is now stronger than ever… he must now find a way to break it to MaryVic’s overprotective brother, and his best friend. Wedding anyone?

Teaching Love by Patricia Frank

Jennifer Marlowe was on her way home from some much needed skiing when she hit a patch of black ice throwing her car off the road. To her rescue came a man on a chrome beast, she wasn’t so sure of either, the man or his ride… she really had no choice. Trust was an issue for her, Jen’s husband had been dead for about 3 years and she still blamed herself, although the more time she spent with her rescuer, Tree Surgeon Dan Giovanni she thought of her late husband less and less. Dan Giovanni also had a heartbreaking past, leaving him afraid to become too close to Jen. one day he abruptly leaves because there are things he must sort out. Jen is hurt, angry, and understanding, when he walks back in her life, she will help him heal the best way she knows how… with love and he’ll give her something a little different as an engagement gift.

The Man Rides A Harley by Diane Davis White

Susannah Davis could kill her twin sister for talking her into riding on a Harley in the parade with a man she doesn’t even know, especially one that is so rude to her! After a little accident Duke Mansfield, none to nicely takes her to his mother’s home so that she can change before he takes her home. He has not been the most gracious host, but he feels such a connection to this timid little mouse that has been accused of embezzlement. Duke knows Susannah’s situation and will get her out of this mess, being a roughneck biker has its advantages but he is much more than that. Susannah finds out that Duke blames himself for his sisters death and that is the reason for his attitude, I mean he isn’t even her type. The first kiss will surely not be the last, and hopefully her new lawyer has more brains than the brawn he has shown her since they first met.

Bad to the Bone by Deborah MacGillivray

After 20 years, Gabriel Sinclair returns back to his childhood home, he’s not sure why Kentucky beckons him but he is soon to find out. The girl he secretly loved as a child is no longer in town, but he finds a way to make her come home again… by buying her old house. Jocelyn Bouchard was always attracted to Gabriel, but her grandmother said he was white trash and warned her to stay away. Wanting to please the Bouchard woman she complied and regretted every moment. Gabriel is now back in her life as a potential buyer for the home she can’t keep up, but he wants more than just to show her how far he’s come in life. He wants her heart. A night of tornado’s, a cramped cellar, and a searing kiss sparks up the hidden old flame. The Windmill restaurant’s Wurlitzer is kicking up some music, and Gabriel shows Jocelyn what she’s been missing out in all of these years. Gabriel is still the Angel of Sin that he was in high school, he even has the same motorcycle, Jocelyn is still afraid to throw caution to the wind but she’s about to learn what it’s like to let loose for once.

Love on a Harley, is an amazing romantic anthology featuring six amazing stories by six very talented ladies. Each story was heart warming, tear jerking, and so perfect. I got tied to each one wanting them to continue on forever. Lost love, rekindling love, and learning to love are all expressed within these pages beautifully. I couldn’t ask for a better romance anthology, each author brings that sensual, longing sort of love that every woman dreams of.
Great job ladies! 5 Hearts - Crystal Reviews

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