08 October 2008

How to make a homemade ghost for your tree.

What you need :

  • an old sheet

  • an old basketball, soccer ball or beach ball (not to big)

  • a broomstick handle or stick about four foot long

  • string

This is a cheep outside decoration, and quickly made. You take the sheet and make a very small pinpoint hole at the very center. Then take a small size ball (about the size of your head works best). An old one that isn't inflated hard. Wrap string around it in several directions and tie it so the ball is in a "net."

Take a second piece of string and attach one end to the top of the ball's "net". Tie it securely. Run the other end through the hole in the sheet (this you will
hang from a tree limb).

Taking the broom handle or stick, slide that through the netting under the bottom of the ball, so the "ghost" will have shoulders.

Tie in a tree high enough so it gets wind. This is a simple cheat decoration
that can really spook people!!

~ Deborah Macgillivray

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