28 August 2007

Win 1 of 16 copies of IN HER BED at SingleTitle.com

Dear Reader,

I don't want you to miss this! We're having a huge contest at SingleTitles.com and thanks to Deborah MacGillivray we're giving away 16 (yes, sixteen!) copies of her book IN HER BED, available now!

Seriously, don't miss this one! IN HER BED is filled with fey lassies, brawny lads and Scots lore as is Deborah MacGillivray’s website.

Here's a direct link: http://singletitles.com/?p=97

How do you enter?

Leave a comment telling us what tidbit of interesting information you found on Deborah’s website?

Contest rules:

Contest begins Aug. 25 and ends Aug. 31. Winners will be selected and announced on Sept 1.

Entrants may not have won a contest at singletitles.com within the past 30 days.

Winners will be chosen randomly and must respond to a notification e-mail by Sept 10.

And here's a bit of history behind the book!

"In Her Bed, was originally started in 1996 and was called Ravenhawke. I actually made it to the book being posted on pre-release with that title, until Kate Duffy, an editor with Kensington, saw the cover and made the statement, “Every woman would want him in her bed.” Suddenly, I had a new title! Often authors have little say in titles or covers. Kensington has been very good to me, so I trust they know what they are doing.

Ravenhawke started out as being a part of A Restless Knight. The idea of Damian being carried away and used by a woman to get her with a baby was inspired by the great Romance writer Katherine Deauxville. She did a book called The Crystal Heart (also for Kensington). Totally different premise, but her wonderful story made me ask myself the question, why would a woman have sex with a man she didn’t know, and had never even seen before? As I began working with A Restless Knight, the seeds of Ravenhawke were sprouted. At first, Damian and Aithinne were supposed to be just secondary characters, but those seeds had been planted, and I kept trying to picture the situation, which brought Damian and Aithinne together. So after a year into A Restless Knight, I had to pull the story of Damian and Aithinne out and put them into their own book, because these characters were trying to take over Tamlyn and Challon’s tale! Once I finished the first book’s draft, I started on Ravenhawke in earnest. Oh, my! Written in LONG HAND! This was before I got my first computer. My poor friend in California, her mother and brother died during this period, and I used to read her what I had written each night, trying to cheer her depression. Read some nights until I was hoarse. I finally got my computer, found MSN Groups, began a writing group, and in 1999 really started to push to get published.

Then life hit. It was a rough period. I was having serious health issues, and couldn’t sit at the computer. For Christmas I received my first laptop and was able to write in bed. Still, life didn’t improve. My husband nearly died; all sorts of problems with mother nature…lol. I nearly gave up. Lynsay Sands happened to join my writers group, and angel that she is, she encouraged me to get published. It was another two years after that. Also, Katherine Deauxville became a good friend. I felt like my book had come full circle! The idea was inspired by her, now she was a friend. Both gave me so much encouragement. I often wonder if I would ever have had the courage had it not been for them both there supporting me.

Ten years―but my Challon and Damian were finally getting to make their bow! A long road, and is a lesson to never give up.

In Her Bed is set in Medieval Scotland, a period familiar to many of you if you’ve watched the movie Braveheart. Same king, same war between Scotland and England, it was a time when Scotland was broken into clan loyalties, often with a clan chief holding power similar to a small king. There was no united spirit, which allowed Edward I, known as Longshanks (because of his long legs) to conquer Scotland. I use history, pagan lore and beliefs that still lingered in the pockets of Scotland, despite Christianity’s spread throughout the land, hopefully to carry the reader back to a time when knights and ladies battled emotions, customs and politics ultimately to find happiness.

I just accepted a contract from Kensington books for Guillaume and Rowanne’s story, Yield for the Knight, and a Christmas Historical coming out October 2008, called A Snowy Knight. It’s connected to the Dragons of Challon series, but not actually part of the “dragons”. Keep in mind, the titles are subject to change…lol"

Well, we're glad that titles change and books make it to the shelves, no matter how long after they're written. If you haven't read this one, check out our review! http://www.singletitles.com/index.php?p=94

We'll see you bright and early tomorrow!

Ally, Donna & the SingleTitles Team

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