28 August 2007

Hurricanes and contracts....

I have noticed a very odd phenomena. When I agree to a contact for my books, it's always during a hurricane!

On August 2005, I agreed to my first contract for Kensington Zebra Books--Hurricane Katrina hit as I was saying yes.

Two weeks later, the Dorchester offer came for my Contemporary Paranormal Romances. Talks stalled for a week. Hurricane Ophelia threatened. Would be a hurricane, then a tropical storm, then a hurricane. It came into shore, went out, even turned in circles. This so reflected the contact talks.

Finally a week later I accepted their offer--and Hurricane Rita hit Florida.

So both contracts are up this years. This past week I agreed to the sale of two historicals -
I agree to a two book contract, two more Scottish Medievals for Hilary Sares at Kensington books. The 3rd in the Dragons of Challon series, Yield to the Knight, to be slotted presently, and they asked me to do a Christmas book for October 2008 release. It's called A Snowy Knight.

Was there a hurricane? You bet - two of them.

Contract talks started and then my editor had to do some figures. While it dragged on Hurricane Erin hit Texas. The day I sold Hurricane Dean hit!

Beware...I have a proposal before Dorchester for the third book in the series.

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