28 August 2007

SingleTitles.com 5 star review for IN HER BED

IN HER BED by Deborah MacGillivray
Reviews Zebra Books August 2007
Genre: historicalISBN: 0821780379
Page Count: 353Price: $4.99
Reviewer: Donna Zapf
Sensuality Rating: SultryStar
Rating: 5 StarsAuthor's

IN HER BED, the second in The Dragons of Challon series, written by award winning author Deborah MacGillivray is an experience you must not miss.

Damian St. Giles has ridden forth to Scotland with his cousin, the Dragon of Challon, to claim their holdings agreed on by Edward, King of England. During Lord Challon's wedding celebrations, Damian is drugged, taken prisoner, chained to a bed and seduced by a vaguely familiar ethereal beauty. When he wakes to find himself back with Challon, he has been missing several days. Slowly his mind begins to clear when he meets Lady Aithinne, the woman haunting his dreams.

Lady Aithinne Ogilvie, cousin to Lord Challon's bride, has taken drastic measures to insure the safety of her land and people from the warring clans and the English King. Because of her guardian Baron Lyonglen's death, Aithinne devises a plan to get herself pregnant with an heir, hoping this will appease the nobles clamoring to claim her lands. To this end her nitwit brothers captured a man for her use. Little did she know that the man is Damian St. Giles, Baron Lyonglen's grandson, nor did she anticipate that she would fall in love with him.

Seeped in Scots lore, visions and ancient charms, IN HER BED cast its spell over me. Inspired storyteller Deborah MacGillivray immerses her readers in the sounds, smells, and sights of medieval Scotland during the take over of King Edward. Her research and creativity combine to give depth and reality to her words and we readers reap the rewards of a well told tale. Ms. MacGillivray's characters are bold and defined with witty and often bawdy dialog that induces laughter and exclamation. The sexual tension runs high in this story and when Aithinne and Damian finally consummate their relationship fireworks explode!

IN HER BED is a most excellent sequel to A RESTLESS KNIGHT and I fervently hope another Challon Dragon will soon be released.

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