Dragons of Challon series

Dragons of Challon series
Dragons of Challon

18 July 2018

Expensive book offering update

The story by author David Streitfeld was on page B1 of the New York Times Monday.  It was a trending story on Yahoo news, and picked up on Publishers Marketplace daily newsletter.

He said he requested a response from Red Rhino -- the nickname of the Amazon Secondary seller, but received no response.  Well, there sort of was one -- This morning Red Rhino deleted the $2850+ offering, thought the $1558 from another dealer is list there.

I have to admit it was total shock to open my browser, going to check my email, and see my book there as trending.  Very bizarre sensation!  lol 

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Candy Thompson said...

How fantastic!!! New York Times, Publisher's Marketplace and trending on Yahoo News!!! Great article! Very interesting! Congratulations!!! :) :) :)