01 September 2020

honoring the anniversary of Morgan Galloway's birth

I went to place flowers on Morgan Galloway's grave today. It was odd experience, in someways a distant one since he died before I was born. Only my mum knew and cared for him. I had known about him, how handsome he was my whole life. That he died tragically when he was only 41 years old. This year will mark the 70th year of his death. So tragic that he died at that age. I was surprised to discover he died and was buried just blocks from where I now live. I had a feeling mum would like if I placed flowers on his grave. I took the flowers, a small arrangement I made, not sure how I would feel. I think mum would approved of me honoring him. She always went my grandfather's grave and put flowers there, when the rest of the family hadn't been there is 50 years. I am glad I went. No one else did. There were no flowers on the family headstone. None at the graves of his mother, father, son or his second wife. The stones are showing age as no one comes to scrub them clear. No one cares. It made me wonder if anyone would place flowers on my grave in 70 years. So melancholy was the prevalent air. Yet, I am glad I went and honored him on his birthday.

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