10 September 2020

Goodbye, Mrs. Peel


When one gets to a certain age, you start watching your childhood heroes die.  One by one.  The passing of Diana Rigg hurts more than most.  At a time a little girl was expected to be a housewife, a nurse or secretary, Emma Peel came onto the scene of The Avengers, filling the roll Honor Blackman held before her as John Steed’s partner, his equal.

 She gave little girls a role model that wasn’t the stereotypical female of the 1960s.  She drove fast sports cars, could take care of herself, was talented, smart, a British agent…savvy, beautiful and able to fight like a man.  She made a young girl realize there was an independence out there…
if only you have her daring.  

 And did I mention she wore leather jumpsuits?  WOW.  Her saucy, slightly arrogant attitude saw her through many a situation.  I loved her dearly.  I wanted to be her.  So, this one hurts.

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