22 June 2016

Release of One Hot Knight -- Gambit,Check and Mate (A Dragons of Challon ™ novella

I just learned that One Hot Knight anthology will be released on June 30th on Kindle.  Print version will follow shortly after that.  My novella - Gambit, Check and Mate is a Dragons of Challon ™ novella.  Fans of the series will be treated with a visit from Challon and Tamlyn and see how their marriage is progressing...lol.   From Prairie Rose Publications.

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Unknown said...

When is Redemption available?

Deborah Macgillivray said...

It's in production currently. The new publisher is launching 10th Anniversary editions of A Restless Knight and Ravenhawke (In Her Bed with it's original title) along with Redempetion. Very excited, since original material cut due to length requirements will be stored on the first two. One Snowy Knight will follow so the whole series will be under one publisher again.

Thanks for asking!!!