27 February 2012

Interview at Inspiration Forum

Lovely lady, Fiona Mcvie, at Inspiration Forum, just posted an interview she did with me. Thanks, Fiona!


Anonymous said...

I LOVED your interview and I thank you for letting me have a little glimpse of your interesting life.
I had a very special and precious relationship myself with my grandfather too. He was the one who gave me his love for reading, for history ; he made me discover my country's heritage (France), what made it great (castles, tapestries, book of hours ...) but too quickly he disappeared from my life.
Thank God I have so many wonderful and vivid memories attached to him. I love history in general but the medieval era is my favorite. I'm sending you right now a big load of positive vibes for your husband and yourself ..... all you have to do is catch it !

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Thanks for the vibes. We can use them!

At points, my grandfather touched my mind in various ways - passing his love of history, his respect for it. He gave me my first typewriter - a powder blue SCM. It wasn't even electric! hahaha. He gave me the most marvelous set of knights, that you wound up and set them to jousting. Small things, but they made a big impact upon me.

Glad you have that same special bond with yours.