12 September 2009

Second Printing for One Snowy Knight

My editor at Kensington books now, Audrey LaFehr, emailed me this afternoon that One Snowy Knight sold out completely even before release. They rushed to a second printing of my third Dragon of Challon book this past weekend. Exciting news before the release this coming week!

All three of my Dragons have gone to second print runs, and A Restless Knight is in its third printing.

So I have a lot of thank my first editor, the smart and savvy Hilary Sares for in giving me this chance.

So happy dancing time!


Highland Hussy said...

crazy! how exciting for you! :) I hope it's always like this

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Thanks Laurie...I have spent more of the summer worrying if sales would be good enough, so this is BIG happy time.