02 September 2009

Romantic Times Review of One Snowy Knight

by Deborah MacGillivray

What could be better for the holidays than a medieval winter's tale complete with the magic of the season, brave knights and damsels in distress? MacGillivray delivers a warm and tender Dragons of Challon tale that fits the bill for a quick, light, seasonal read.

Summary: Her husband's death in battle leaves Lady Skena MacIain with sole responsibility for her keep. Since her home is a strategic fortress Skena realizes that it and her family must be protected, but she does not want the king to choose a husband for her.

When a snowstorm hits, isolating her home, she discovers a stranger near death on her land. Skena nurses the mysterious warrior and prays he will be her savior.

Not only would he enable her to hold onto her keep, but he also arouses her deepest longing for love. Skena knows nothing of him or the danger he poses to her family, and though his name, Noel, means Christmas, will he bring joy -- or pain
-- into her life? (ZEBRA, Oct., 320 pp., $5.99) HOT
—Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Reviews

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