27 December 2021

Happy Boxing Day


Yeah, yeah, it was yesterday, but I was busy...lol.  I  took lunch to Candy and we celebrated Boxing Day.  I also took her a box of some small treats.  I had found about a dozen postcard from 1907-30 era of Bay Shore NY -- images of a time when her grandmother and mother would have been around.  I also found an amazing bottle from Bay Shore Bottling Company (early version of ginger ales, mineral waters, and other soft drinks.  The bottle was made in Bay Shore in 1880-1890.  Another I gave her on Christmas was a vase made to look like a store Entenmann's. While you can find their goods nationwide now, their original store was in Bay Shore. They used to get her birthday cakes there. Her sister's wedding cake was done there.


She loves it here in Kentucky, but it's always very nice to visit memories, so these things gave her a "touchstone" to do so.

She made me the most beautiful sleeved cape, in white and gold, with a matching winter hat.  LOVE THEM.


Missing my husband, naturally, but this gentle fun days of giving and sharing with my dear friend Candy makes the holidays pass easier.

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Candy Thompson said...

AWwwwww Boxing Day was lovely the way we celebrated it together!!! I just love the things you gave me...they all bring back such wonderful memories!!! So glad you like what I gave you as well!!! You're so right!!! I do love it here in Kentucky!!! I knew it felt like home here not that long after I settled in. And...there he is...Mr. Nice Kitty!!! I just love all the pictures you take of him!!! Many Thanks again for such a lovely Boxing Day!!!