01 September 2021

Say Hello to Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn came to me in January of this year.  All my foundlings tend to show up then—cold, hungry, thirsty.  I simply hate to see them suffering.  Harley is barely a year old, and clearly has been a housecat until someone tossed him away in the dead of winter.  At the time, Mamadoodle, Munchkin and Maisie were the “official porch cats”.  I took them in 8 years ago, when my friend, Candy Thompson, had to move and couldn’t take them with her.  They lived in my heated carport room and stayed mostly on the porch.  They had a big heated dog igloo they used on most days.  But Maisie died suddenly this year, and I brought them in for fear of losing the other two, which had become so dear to me.  Munchkin had been injured when about seven months old, and the ache of the old wound really caused him pain during the colder months.  He had to come inside.

So Harley Quinn immediately moved into the heated igloo.  I didn’t need another cat.  I was going to say “want” another cat, but that isn’t true.  I love them all, but the “inn was full”.  So Harley was welcome to stay on the porch and use the igloo and get feed four meals a day—he is a hungry baby. 

But last week, I had a new roof put on my house.  The crews arrived at 7am ready to work, and didn’t quit until 9pm.  Citadel Roofing and Construction are simply THE best.  Love my new roof.  Only, I feared Harley would be terrified, so I brought him in and housed him in the laundry and exercise rooms.  Just for a couple of day...lol.  The third day they were done, but they had kicked up a beehive along one gutter, and they were swamping.  I was advised to keep all pets away from the porch until the bees moved on.  Well, that meant four days of Harley being inside.

I knew.  Yeah, SUCKER is stamped on my forehead, I suppose.  Harley would come and wrap his legs around mine and just hang on and purr and purr.  Clearly, thanking me for taking inside...forever.  Ah gee.  Poor lad thought he had a forever inside home again.  I cannot do what someone else did to him — toss him out.  So he will stay.  Harley gets his wish of being a forever inside kittah.

Just what I didn’t need.  But what my heart wants.  Harley will be one of the fortunate ones, safe and well-cared for the rest of my life.  I keep saying no more kitties for I am the age, where I feel mortality breathing down my neck. Perhaps, this was the Queen of the Cait Sidhe telling me I am going to be around a few years longer than I figure.

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