04 April 2019

Sadly over...

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He is home. Candy and I went this afternoon and picked up the ashes, It;s bigger than it looks in the picture. The artist's box is even more beautiful than I recalled. So it is done. I put the Charlie Brown and Snoopy statue on top, because he was very much like Charlie Brown and I am very much like Snoopy. The snow globe that Allie Lanois sent me the Christmas before she died is there to the side. The angel looks very much like her when she was young. So Angel Allie can look after him for me. The books on either side are Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe novels that were his. He must have read each one a half a dozen times.

I cannot say enough good about Stoess Funeral Home in Crestwood.  They made very step easy and were so supportive.   They were just so kind.

The box is unique, a one of a kind, and yet beautiful in its simplicity--just like he was.

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Candy Thompson said...

What a beautiful tribute! The box you selected is beautiful...a unique art piece that suits him very well. I love the things you have arranged around it. Things that had meaning for you both. Just lovely.