26 March 2018

Upcoming release tentative release dates for Dragons of Challon series

One Snowy Knight
The new version of One Snowy Knight is in production now.  Like A Restless Knight and Ravenhawke, this version is my original saga which clocks in about 40,000 words more than Kensington mass market version.

Look for it out in early July 2018

a very special to Jon Paul, of Jon Paul Studios for allowing me the use of the cover for One Snowy Knight.  

Dragons of Challon, Book Four

has now been slotted for sometimes in August 2021

Prairie Rose Publications


darkmarerunning said...

Good Morning - I just got my name on your blog list - Looking forward to getting familiar with your writing....I am captivated already !

Deborah Macgillivray said...

Thank you for joining! I keep the blog mostly for information updates on releases and contests etc. I am very excited about these new releasing coming.