18 February 2018

Cultural and Heritage Art Show

Drafted my little self out to go help at the Cultural and Heritage Art Show.  Not that I had anything entered...lol, but I am always up for giving a helping hand to Christine Duncan, the County Agent.
So off we went to John Black Center in the pouring rain.  Rain is better than a foot of snow, so I won't complaint too much.

Candy, my best pal, had three entries - Little Raggedy Andy, which took a first place.
Snoopy on the Great Pumpkin hat (took second place) and my Scottish Sheep ( first place)

So big congrats to Candy Thompson for coming away with two blue ribbons and one red ribbon.
The Blue Ribbon Winners will move on to Kentucky half-state competition this coming Friday.

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Candy Thompson said...

This was so much fun and the pictures you took were great!!! :) :) :) That's a lovely picture of you too!!! :) :) :) Looking forward to going back for the next level of the competition with Baby Raggedy Andy and your Scottish sheep later this week!!! :) :) :)