13 December 2017

Author's Guild Warning about Open Library. ORG


Two weeks ago I discovered my novels on this site, and despite their mission statement, they NEVER answered my DMCA notices to take them down.  They have 12-31 different file copies PER BOOK, and it allowed people to download them for FREE Worldwide.

They were also selling my books at $5.99 each with the notation "Copyright Abandoned"  Which is NOT the case.  So please check you books and make sure they are not there.

Thankfully MUSO.com an anti-piracy site was able to get my files taken down.  So please go check and see if your titles are not on this massive site.

At the bottom in RED is DMCA notice you can create and send to them demanding they take down your files.
Dear Members,
Sorry for the influx of emails, but there is a lot going on right now!

I am writing today about a troubling development, and we are asking for your help. Internet Archive has sought donations of hard-copy books from libraries and individuals for a number of years now. While they recently made much of their project to scan and make available books in their last 20 years of copyright, they have been remarkably quiet about a project that could bring enormous harm to the publishing industry and authors. They have recently posted a massive quantity of scanned books (including works still in copyright that are not in the last 20 years of their protected term) on their Open Library website: www.openlibrary.org. While they have been doing this for some time, there appears to be a sudden influx of in-copyright books made available, as well as the ability to download. Anyone can log-in, presumably from anywhere in the world, search for and click on a book to “check it out” for a period of two weeks.

So far, that mimics regular library lending in that only one person can check out a book at a time. Once checked out, the full text of the books can be easily downloaded; the site even provides download buttons to make it easy. That means anyone in the world can check out and download your book(s), as long as they do it one person at a time. We did some spot checking and asked council members to check for their books. Each author who checked found that one or more of their in-copyright books were available in the Open Library for download.

IA describes Open Library as follows:
"The Internet Archive’s Open Libraries project will bring four million books online, through purchase or digitization, while honoring the rights of creators and expanding their online reach. Working with U.S. libraries and organizations serving people with print disabilities, Open Libraries can build the online equivalent of a great, modern public library, providing millions of free digital books to billions of people.”

But, contrary to their statement that they are “honoring the rights of creators,” they are not respecting those creators’ copyrights. They do not limit Open Library to people with print disabilities and there is nothing legal about providing full text copies of copyrighted material for download on a public website without permission.

So, we are asking you to check and see if scanned copies of your books are available on Open Library without permission. If they are, please let us know by filling out this form. 

We also ask that you contact your publisher if you want your book taken down from Open Library.You may also send a takedown notice directly to Internet Archive. The address to email to request a takedown is: info@archive.org

Here is a form notice that you may use:

Dear Internet Archive,

I am the author of the book(s) noted below. It has come to my attention that, without permission from either me or my publisher [insert name], you have scanned and are making my book(s) available for “loan” and also for download on your publicly available website, openlibrary.com; anyone in the world can create a login, check the book out and then download it in its entirety, which is a clear infringement of my copyright. Please remove my book(s) from the Open Library website and any other website owned or controlled by you.

My book(s) is/are entitled: [list all books on the site without permission]

They are located at the following URL’s on your site: [provide URL for each book]

My contact information is: [insert address, telephone number, and email address].

I attest under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief that Internet Archive’s Open Library’s use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and further that the information in this notification is accurate, and that I am the copyright owner.
Electronic signature: [type name]

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