03 July 2017

Missing Miss Maggie

Last Friday was the anniversary of Maggie Davis' birthday. Maggie wrote under her own name. She wrote a bit of everything. Mostly romances, but with a Maggie style. Amazing Medieval Romances, WWII novel, Outer Space Alien romance, The Last Male Virgin...mostly under the pen name Katherine Deauxville. One - A Christmas Romance was turned into a television movie starring Olivia Newton John.  She wrote Historical fiction about Vikings, the Civil war, contemporary romance, comedy...and she has the most wonderful sense of humor.

I miss her. I was blessed with two really good friends that I met through writing -- Dawn Thompson and Maggie Davis.  I have lost two brights spots in my life with their passings.

I recall one time when I was really sick with a throat infection, Maggie sent me a bag of Florida grapefruits and a box of local honey. She was just that kinds of friend.

So happy birthday, MIss Maggie. I miss you.


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