13 January 2017

Help Elvira save feral cats


Cats are cute, fun animals but there are millions of them running around without anyone taking care of them. 

My goals are to get the animals fixed, make sure they are healthy and aren't stuck in a cage for their lives or spreading diseases in our communities. 

I want to set up a program that will allow a person to call me, tell me they have feral cats in their area. I will place a cage in their area, pick the cage up when the cat is captured, get it fixed and return it. All the person needs to do is just watch the cage to make sure no cat is left there for long.

Fixing a male is $26, females are $44. I have posted the receipts for the cage, the vet appoints and their cute little faces.

If would donate $5, less then a meal at McDonalds or a cup of coffee from Starbucks, you would be surprised at how quickly it builds. 

If you feel better about doing it via paypal or something else, contact me via fb.

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