05 October 2016

Main Street Program's yearly review

Me at the Main Street Program presentation for the year.  Okay -- I have seen OMEN...WTH does this mean....lol???

Candy wears the jacket that belonged to her mother

City Place was all set up nice.  We had a chat time, desert and then came the various speakers for the night, telling about their part of the Main Street Program.

Barbara Todd and her husband joining us.  It's always great to see them.


Karen Eldridge (former owner of Karen's Book Barn) now runs Main Street Program.  She put on a very lovely evening that went very smoothly.  Looking lovely in her red dress!

Karen introduce Bill Lammlein, former Mayor of La Grange, and now president of Main Street.
He discuss the pluses for progress in the town, and the disappointed of losing a $2 Million dollar deal because of the Skate Park dust up.

Major Bruce Goodfleish addressing state of local police, and various new means to control crime.  He also gave advice to lock your cars at night.

Kim Buckler discussing tourism

David Bizianes executive director of Economic Development

Donna Sabo introducing. George Saliba

George Saliba spoke of coming to the US as no English speaking person, who now owns 5 MacDondals and the local barber shop.

It was an information and pleasant everything learning about the workings of our town.

Thanks to Karen Eldridge for letting us join in.

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