08 August 2016

An evening with a former POTC friend!!

I used to play Zynga's Pirates of the Caribbean on Facebook.  Played it for years and made a lot of really good friends.  The game has been gone about seven years now, but many of us remain close.  I have meet Kevin Briscoe and his wife Mary.  They come in each year to the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire.   One I kept missing was dear friend Chuck Borgwardt.  He was always such a great friend, and always in my corner.

Well, he texted me last night that he was going to be near and he wanted to have supper.  So Candy and I meet his charming wife and daughter at One Nineteen West Main (the name and address...lol) and have a great dinner.

Very different when you  meet someone you already know for over ten years -- strangers and yet bets friends, too!  We have a wonderful time and was very sorry to see them go.

They had a chance to witness close up our trains going down Main Street.

Chuck and Me

Chuck, Candy and Me

Chucks' daughter, wife Kim and Chuck

Me with the family

So I fire a cannon in salute as pirates meet and party...until the next time.

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