27 July 2016

Judging at Oldham Country Fair Craft and Textiles today

Me doing the registering the winners and awards as they were judged today at the Oldham County Fair Textiles and Crafts division

Candy Thompson resting after a hectic morning assisting the judges judge  the Junior division

Candy tying winner ribbons for the Junior division


Candy with Junior Judge and Christina Duncan, Oldham Extension Agent.  She will retire at the end of this year.  She will be missed!!

Candy's Happy Birthday Snoopy and Garden Party Tea Cozy too second place!

Candy's Witch Wreath won First Place -- it will go on to the State Fair in August!

Candy's Diamond Jubilee Raggedy Ann wins blue ribbon and will go no to the State Fair in August

Candy's Parrot Pocketbook took a blue ribbon and will go to the State Fair in August

All in all, it was a fun day and I was thrilled to see Candy take three blue ribbons and two blue ribbons.

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