28 April 2016

The sad loss to publishing and the world

This is so heartbreaking. Lori and Tony Karayianni wrote dozens and dozens of wonderful books under the name Tori Carrington. Yesterday I learned of his passing of heart issues. So very sad.
When I was first trying to get published they judged my The Invasion of Falgannon Isle in a contest. Most people judge anonymously. Not this pair. They wrote their names at the bottom of my entry and said let us help you get this published. That offer meant the world to me. I didn't take it, as I felt it necessary to get there myself, but it meant the world to someone struggling to find my spot in the business. Such kindness. I never have forgotten that pure kindness.
I did ask for a cover quote from them on the second book in the series, Riding the Thunder and I have proudly sported that ever since.
I am just so shaken that someone so kind is no longer with us.
RIP Tony. This world is a much sadder place without your talent and gentleness.

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