18 March 2016

Exciting day in downtown La Grange!!

Well, I went downtown today for lunch with Candy Thompson and Tami Day...great lunch at The Red Pepper deli.  When I went to pick up Candy we were nearly hit by a yellow semi-truck trying to make a right turn where there is simply not enough room!!  So imagine my shock, when 45 minutes later I look up and see the train stopping outside of Red Pepper.  I saw the yellow on the other side and thought, "Oh, that cannot be the same truck!!  Yep it was!!

See the train runs down the MIDDLE of Main Street.  There is cars parked on either side of the tracks.  When it train comes through there is NO room on either side for vehicles to get through, let alone a semi-truck!!!  But that is what some stupid driver tried to do!!  The train, sheered of metal and plastic off the side of the truck.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  But it was a mess!


Notice the junk on the road from the truck.  It was surprising it was so little!!


Tami out checking on things close up!!

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