09 January 2016

You characters coming to life

10 years ago this year, I sold my book called Challon's Lady to a wonderful editor, Hilary Sares, at Kensington History Books.  It was amazing.  I sent it to her on a Friday morning and Monday morning at 10am she was calling me with an offer.  The office was made on the day Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  Spin off of rain from the outer bands were hitting his as I spoke with Hilary on the phone.  It's hard to realize it has been 10 years.

The book was publisher in the following year, and holding my first book was simply an amazing moment that I will never forget.  UPS delivered a huge book with 100 authors copies and I stood there holding my book, stunned.  Of course, I had name change on my heroine -- I wanted Gillian, but Hilary insisted it sounded too much like the hero's name Julian.  She said I had to change one.  Julian -- arrogant rogue -- insisted he would not change, so Gillian (which I wanted pronounced GILL- ian  not JILL-ian) became Tamlyn.
And the title went from Challon's Lady to A Knight in Black, and finally, to 
A Restless Knight.

Tonight a loyal reader (who has since been come a good friend) Sarah Renaud posted an imagine on my facebook wall -- and said it WAS Challon and Tamlyn.  I have to agree!!!

It's very humbling to write a book and have it published.  Even more so to have people love that book, still love it over a decade.  But what really touches my heart is for that reader to SEE you character just as you have created them, to know they live through your word for them.

So, thank you, Sarah.

Re-issue cover coming 2016

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Rose Magdalene said...

I want that dress. Maybe when I finish the Odysseus of The Dress. Three years and still not done. It will be beautiful.