04 October 2015

"Madam Candy" gives tea leaves and card readings at Serendipity Cafe and Gifts

As part of the Halloween festivities in La Grange, Candy will be doing tea leaves reading and card readings at Serendipity Cafe and Gifts

On Friday afternoon and evenings and Saturday.

She was originally going to do it from 11 am - 3pm.  However, they were lines waiting for her at 3pm.  Becky Bayer Kimber, owner, asked if she could stay longer.  She did!  Until 7:30pm -- they were actually drawing straws at the end for the ones to get to do the last readings.

If you didn't get into to have a reading, don't worry...Serendipity will have Madam Candy back on Friday afternoons and most of the day Saturday through Halloween.

Next weekend will be big, since it's the Railroad and Bluegrass Festival.

You can go on the La Grange Ghost Tours on Friday evening 7:30 - 9:30 -- what a great way to warm up before you go -- after a cup of tea and get a reading!!


All the beauty and magic of Serendipity Cafe and Gifts


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Candy Thompson said...

Thanks So Much for posting about this!!! :) We all had such a good time yesterday and I can't wait to do it again this coming Friday and Saturday!!! :) It's such a nice fun activity for Halloween month!!! Can't wait to see everyone there!!! :) :) :)