16 September 2014

Louisville's Pagan Pride Day

Me at Louisville's Pagan Pride Day
on the Waterfront Park.

Dragon Bob (Once Upon a Dragon Time) invited Candy and me to Pagan Pride Day.  Candy and I headed down there armed with Google directions.  They were very good, until they said to turn right onto third street.  I thought sure we needed to turn left (which we did).  We finally found this big crowd near the Belle of Louisville, so we asked the guy on the parking gate.  He said he didn't know what the crowd was, but they were all Japanese.  Another lady said she thought we needed to go way down River Road.  With her assistance we headed (finally in the right direction).

We spotted Captain Amos (Bob Watters) and his parnter Dieter Zimmerman - Drunk N Sailor.  You cannot miss Captain Amos' red feathered Pirate hat!!!  I told her we should follow them as they were likely heading to the festival, too!  I rolled down the window and yellow at them, only to have Captain Amos yelling back, "Where the Hell is this Pagan Thing?"  Well, blind leading the blind I guess.

We finally made it!!  Found Dragon Bob (in the middle) with Captain Amos and Dieter not far behind.
Sort of like old Renny Home Week...lol.  Captain Amos and Dieter were passing out flyers for Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Dragon Bob was performing at the festival

Candy looked lovely sitting by the river

 Jug Band Park at the Waterfront

 She took a nifty picture of me.

 Dragon Bob (Robert Barker) was glad to see Candy made it.

Dragon Bob preparing for a show

Candy sitting at the docks of Jug Band Park on the Ohio River

Me sitting before the docks at Jug Band Park.  You can see Big Four Bridge in the background, which is now a walkway between Kentucky and Indiana.
 Dragon Bob's Dragons guarding his stage

 The River is so lovely here, hard to see how big the Ohio River is from this little branch

Competition in the Dragon Taming Department!!!

Perfect way to enjoy the River Front

Candy with Dragon Bob's Cat Puppet

Dragon Bob and Candy with young dragon tamer

 In the midst of the performances Dragon Bob teaches a young lass the proper Cello technique

'Pictus Rocking out the Festival


All in all, it was a glorious day, great fun, grand to see friends again.  Thank you Dragon Bob for inviting us!

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Candy Thompson said...

This is such a great blog with all the fantastic pictures from Saturday!!! So glad Dragon Bob invited us and that we finally found where it was!!! :) Like you said...the Google directions were fine up to a point!!! hehehe It was a wonderful fun day and we'll be sure to go again next year!!! :):) :)