31 July 2014

A New Dragon for Dragon Bob on Final Saturday of Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire


Final Weekend of the Renfaire started with Candy preparing a surprise for Robert Barker (Dragon Bob).  Last year she told him she would make him a new Dragon, but I don't think he believed her.


First in the gate we meet with Marquise and Ima Nutt (Tara and Mark Reed) who do Fool Hearty

Marquise showed off his gift from Don Messersmith - a mug with his mug on it!!

Marquise, Candy, Marvin and Tara


Dragon Bob holding "Marvin" his newest Dragon


Tara is fretting there might be a romance between Candy and Dragon Bob!

Marquise and Ima starting their first performance of the day....

The weather was GLORIOUS the last weekend.  What a great time had by all!

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