07 January 2014

Say hello to Loki

It's 5 below zero here, with windchill nearly minus 25.  I mean cold!!  I made a snap decision to adopt another stray cat and so glad I did.  The gentle boy has been coming around Candy's for the last year and a half, and she had been feeding him.  Since Candy couldn't care for him while she is in the back-brace, I have been going over daily and feeding him.  He quickly came up to me for pets and we bonded.  Since losing Algie, I thought perhaps I could move him over to my heated carport so he could be safe once I made better friends with him.  Thursday I woke from a horrible dream of him being out in the cold and I knew I needed to move him now.

I went over and he was just going up the hill in the snow.  I called to him, and he came back.  He saw so pitiful, looking down at the snow and crying he was cold.  I stuffed him in a cat carrier and was off to my house.  He cried, scared.  I assured him everything was okay and he immediately settled down.  He was scared in the carport, but I put him in Algie's cat cage and he settled down.  This is cage that is covered by -40 sleeping back, has another sleeping bag inside.  He can come and go.  Which is he quickly did.  He settled in quickly and really loved his new home.  He was very warm in Algie's down sleeping sack.

This morning I was concerned because of this 20 below windchill.  I was afraid the carport wouldn't be warm enough.  I was right.  When I went out at 5am he was fine.  When I checked again a 7 he was shivering.  The windchill was coming through the walls like they weren't there.  So, Loki came inside...lol.  

He is sleeping on the bed.  I put him in Boot's room, Boot's went to the exercise/pantry/laundry room.  He perfect pet, purrs and purrs.  He slept the afternoon on his back, sleeping with his feet in the air.

So the bad weather didn't get this one.  Loki already answers to his name.

I think I found a very special new friend.

I do believe he sighed mo dhachaigh a-chaoidh as I left the room.

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