01 February 2013

a nice note came today...

One of the nice perks in being an author is when someone take a few moments to let you know they really like one of your books. I keep all these letters and emails. I call them "author vitamins"; they strength you for times when you doubt yourself, when you wonder why you keep pushing on. Each and every one is special to me. It's so lovely when someone cares enough about your efforts, that they take time from their busy lives to hunt down a contact and say a few words of kindness. A lot of people like things, but few take the time to make that opinion known. But occasionally, one comes along that really gives you a special smile. Today I got one from a person that doesn't care to read fiction, but prefers non-fiction, and then he does read fiction he reads Grisham. But somehow he came across my book and loved it. We are aware men read romance, but few come out and say it. So thank to Peter S. for the email today:

I just finished reading 'The Invasion of Falgannon Isle'. What a wonderful book!! And I rarely read anything but nonfiction, except for an occasional Gresham. Thanks so much, Deborah, for packing so many different emotions into 300 pages!!

Peter S.


Thank you, Peter, for being so nice to let me know.  I appreciate it!!

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Jeannie said...

Well, it's an amazing book, Deborah. I loved the quirky inhabitants of the island. You fleshed the characters out so well it made them REAL.
Author vitamins: I'm stealing that. :)