09 November 2012

A nice mention by a fellow author


I had a nice surprise this morning, when I got a note from an author I have taken an interest in.  We met through Facebook, with her drawn to me because she loved my first book.  It's so nice how Facebook connects you with people you might have never had the chance to find.

Recently, she wrote me in a little bother -- she was facing her first book signing and asking for tips.  I suggested one of my best ones - Rack Cards.  They are like super wide bookmarks.  Vista Print does a lot of weekly specials, and for authors needing banners, folders, rack cards, business cards, you can often get ones for nothing but postage.  I pulled her cover off her website and create a Rack Card for her and was delighted it pleased her.  Vista did their number saving her a lot of money.  And from her blog it looks like her first signing went very well.

I was glad to play a small part in her having a great time.


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Jeannie said...

Deborah, I'm ecstatic that we "met" and connected. Thanks for mentioning me...um...mentioning you. LOL